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How far can you travel?

We are willing to travel anywhere in the U.K and abroad to perform at your event! Please get in touch letting us know the venue location and we can take it from there.

Do you offer a smaller band and instrumental alternatives?

Yes as an alternative to the 5-Piece, we offer duos, trios and quartets as well as instrumental bands without a vocalist. The type of instruments in the band are also flexible, so we can create the perfect line-up for you.


How much does it cost to book you?

Before we can provide an accurate quote we need to know more about your event as there are many factors which may affect this. If you get in touch and provide us with as much information as possible, including which line-up you are interested in, we can give you a detailed quote!


How long does it take you to set up and soundcheck?

It takes us approximately 90 minutes to set up and soundcheck the full sized band. However this can often be much shorter in small venues and for the smaller sized bands. We will work with you to plan the exact timings and how it fits with your schedule.


How long do you usually play for?

We usually play for 2 x 45-60 minute sets. However we are able to tailor this to your event, meaning we can play for longer or shorter than this and are also able to split our playing time in to 3 or 4 sets if required.


Are you able to perform first dances and other song requests?

Yes we are able to learn a first dance song at no extra cost! For other requests take a look at our repertoire list and and let us know if there are any songs you particularly want us to play.


Do we need to hire a DJ?

We are able to provide music from our playlists or your selection before and in-between our sets, meaning a separate DJ is often not required.


Do you provide the PA and lighting equipment?

This will depend on several details such band size, type of event and size of venue. The band have their own PA system and we work very closely with several trusted sound engineers and production companies allowing us to provide PA & lighting for large events.

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